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However, I don't think you should get an A1 or A2 pattern, with the non-removable carry handle. DPMS makes its AP-4, which has a removable carry handle for when you like that look (or want to shoot with the A2 iron sights) but still can take flat top optics when you feel like moving up.
RKG I went to the DPMS site and looked at the AP-4 and it has two things I don't like. A collaspable buttstock and a 16" barrel. I like open sights and even at 55 years old I can still shoot some pretty good groups with open sights. I still don't need bifoculs but do wear glasses to drive and fly my R/C airplanes. Most of the time I don't wear lenses. But thanks for the suggestion.

I posted before I have a Mini-14. I did put a scope on it. For about 15 minutes. I hated the weight and how it made the gun feel awkward. With good light and a steady field rest I can hit a small coffee can at 200 yards. I shoot open sights all the time. I do most of my practicing with open sighted air rifles and pistols. Its cheap and quiet. I live in town so air guns are a good way to practice without the neighbors knowing.

For $1000 I see no reason to buy a 5.56/.233 DPMS or BM.
Quentin2 I don't plan on spending that much. If I can get what I want for around $750-800 I will probably buy. I have other things I could use the money for but have never owned an AR. I would like to get at least one but don't plan on hocking the farm to do so.
"Those who cannot cleanly dispatch their game using a .30-30 are either shooting too far, hunting inappropriate (too large) game, or are simply incompetent." Mic McPherson

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