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340 Weatherby said
" Magnum wheel Man, I'm afraid we're starting a war here, but my take is if I'm going to get kicked 7 Mag style, I move up to the 300's and get kicked a little more."

A big +1 to that.
Also +1 to the .270, 7mm-08 comments--you have one of those and you're set for 95%...And I agree you're definitely missing .35 Whelen, one of the often overlooked non-mags over .30-06. Future classic if not already there. You could have one of the .22_'s, a 7mm-08 and .300 Win Mag and be done with it for anything in the lower 48. (Or, I would agree, you could just have your already listed time-honored .30-06, but since we're indulging ourselves here with multiple choices )

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