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While I have been away from it since 1999
Well, maybe a lot has changed in the last 14 years.

If you are doubting the possibility of someone being able to print a lower, too late. It has already been done. There are several documented instances.

If you are doubting you can rent one for $500, well look at this: $275 a month, although not sure if that has a large enough printable area or necessary resolution. There are a couple others in the business. I found one that printed at the resolution a machinst told me was necessary and correct dimensions for $500 a month not long ago. I have an acquaintance who built one for about that(he also has a 3d mill). Prices will only go down.

DO you know of a place that has a fully automated machining process I can just download a blue print to? If so I would be very interested.
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