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I have owned an LCR in .38 and now own one in .57.

Was disappointed in the .38, not only did I break its trigger dry firing but it hurt to shoot just as much as the Airweights it was supposedly more comfortable than.

Ruger fixed the .38 quickly on their dime, so I have confidence in the company.

The main selling point of the .357 is that it is noticeably more comfortable to shoot than the pocket-revolver competition, particularly in .38. Would never buy another Airweight, there's no point because the LCR .357 carries just about as easily.

Do I worry about the trigger breaking? Not really. It doesn't seem to happen too often from what I can tell here and elsewhere online. I suppose the Airweight is a more proven design, but there's a price to be paid there that doesn't interest me any more.
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