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Roper, I didn't make the 1992 team; two crossfires in the 1991 tryouts dropped me 20 points in the tryout aggregate; way too far down. My rifle made the team as a friend on the team had his rifle's trigger break so he borrowed mine.

But I did shoot the high score with that ammo loaded for the 1992 matches a year before across 4 days of 600 yard through 1000 yard matches restricted to using only that batch of ammo. I won the 600 and 1000 yard agg's and a guy from Australia won the Palma aggregate; beat him by 1 point for the overall agg.

All 20 rifles were tested in late 1991 by someone and again by the 1992 USA Palma Team Members in practice days before the individual matches that year. One shot about 1.5 MOA at 1000 and was used by one team member as his rifle aslo went south during the individual matches. The others were about 2 MOA rifles at 1000 yards; totally unsat for a Palma rifle, Members used their own rifles which shot that ammo about 3/4 MOA at 1000 which was very good.
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