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Since OSS(one shot stop) statistics were mentioned. I think its relevant to mention that the .38 Special standard velocity LRN(lead round nose) bullet had a OSS rating of right at 50%.

Lots of men and animals have been killed by the 158 grain LRN. Back in the day, before a lot was known about bullet performance. People bought a box of .38 Special LRN, loaded their revolvers and shot what they needed to. If one shot didn't do it, they shot it again.

None of the above is meant to recommend the LRN. Only to add emphasis to the fact, that the SWC(semi-wadcutter) is a significant step up in wounding effectiveness over the LRN. So it stands to reason that a well placed SWC would work, on the bases of those facts alone.

My personal opinion is that modern HP(hollow point) is the way to go though. They've come along way way with technology. The Speer 135 grain Short Barrel for instance is a very consistent performing projectile. Also the Barnes 110 grain is a great bullet for penetration and expansion. Don't let its 110 grain weight deceive you, thats only because of its advanced all copper construction.

tl;dr SWC will work better than LRN, but modern HP is better still
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