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I'm jealous of all you guys that grew up with guns in your hands. We had a cheap BB gun when I was a kid but Dad never taught me how to shoot it (despite having been an expert marksman in junior ROTC). As a Boy Scout I got to shoot a .38 Special once. Not long after I got married a younger brother left his 9mm Jennings and an SKS (and his motorcycle ) with me one summer. I shot a couple of rounds out of each. It wasn't until I was past 40 that I got the bug and taught myself. I read a ton of info off the internet until I knew how to be safe and how to line up the sights and how to breathe and ... Then I bought a .22 pistol and started practicing. Now I really need another safe! I taught my younger son how to shoot with that .22 pistol and when he's older I'll hand it down to him. I wish I could go back in time and teach the older one. He learned from a church youth group leader who apparently didn't spend much time on safety. The younger one had to repeat the 4 rules to me before I handed him a gun. For years Dad has changed the subject whenever me or my gun-nut brother brought up guns. But a year ago something changed. Recently we got him his very own .22 rifle for his birthday and he loves it! He even joined a gun club so he'd have a place to shoot. So I guess the story took a good turn despite the long, slow start.
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