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Bullseye Shooting questions??

So I have started shooting the NRA Postal league at my local gun club. As of right now I'm using my Kimber Raptor II for centerfire and my S&W 22A 5.5" for rimfire. I want to start shooting bullseye competitions. I just want to get started in it and work up from there, right now I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to outshoot the guns that I have.

My S&W 22A is a factory Talo 22A with a Sightmark Sure Shot sight, I also shoot bowling pin league with this pistol. My Kimber Raptor II is all factory with some worthless night sights that it came with. Right now I'm in the process of buying a friends old High Standard 380 that I believe would be a great pistol for centerfire.

What things should I do to the pistols I currently have for bullseye competition? As of right now I am not reloading but I have a large brass collection that I'm adding to every week, hope to buy a press within the next month or so.

I don't have much money but I am able to do a little at a time. I do have a great gunsmith in my area called Cylinder & Slide in Fremont, NE that I plan on using for any gunsmith work that might be needed.

From your expirence where should I start??
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