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While I am of the ilk that feels "All things being equal (which they rarely are), the bigger bullet wins...

I will say that my first gun being a .410 bolt gun from Mossberg was absolutely lethal in my hands... Being my first and only gun from the time I was 8 until I was 16 when I got my single shot .22 for trapline use... I was a crackshot with it... Rabbit on the run, pheasant on the wing and many larger game fell to that gun and more than one ol' timer with a 12 gauge respected my shooting skills even if I thought it was just average shooting by an average country kid...

It was also my only HD capable arm in my first years on my own... I pity the poor soul who would think it was a "pea shooter" For HD I kept #4 shot and the poly choke cranked tight to "FULL"... Any distance in a home had about a tennis ball or so size spread... I only had 3 shots but I could usually make do with those 3...

I look forward to seeing your results...

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