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GP100 - What's the verdict on DAO?

Hey, I've been looking around for the "perfect" .357 for home and range use. After giving it some thought, I figured that I'd like something at least a little out of the ordinary, and had pretty much settled that what I really want is a GP "Wiley Clapp" with a 3" barrell - though they do run about $650 or higher if/when they can be found (gunbroker). Then today, I stopped by my favorite local shop and looked at a 4" GP that's double-action only, with half lug and fixed sights. It's matte stainless just like the Wiley edition, and has the same wood-insert grips which I like. The half lug makes it feel more balanced, IMHO. I've looked around and it seems these were issued to Canadian police departments for a while.
Here's my question: what's the advantage to the user in DAO? I know I could slip it in my pocket when I answer the door... which might be useful. Is DAO uncommon because it's basically undesirable outside of the pocket gun market?
The shop wants $429 for it, which is $170 less than a new GP, and over $200 less than the W.C. edition. How is that for today's market? Right around a fair price? I should add that it's in excellent condition, with only minor signs of use.
Thanks in advance for any advice... I've told myself not to rush this next purchse, but I don't expect this particular (and unusual) gun to sit there for long!
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