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digital scales

Just a thought...if you are loading something so critical (I cant imagine a unique load would be) that a .1 grn deviation might blow up your gun, it might behoove you to make certain your digital scale has better that a .2 or .1 margin of error. Not so big for rifles, but pistols, the difference between 15.2 and 15.3 grains of 2400 might mean the difference between making a whitetail deer sad or making your gun sad. Since I reload .357 almost exclusively anymore (and my gun and I LOVE the 15.2 grains of 2400 over 158 JSP), I ended up sticking with my balance scale. I'm already over current published data (not old data though) and I don't want to press it to 15.3 or event 15.4 on accident.
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