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never seen any pressure signs yet, went up to 25 gr doing load testing with no pressure signs. Just dropped back to 24.5 becasue that load give me the best groups ( .2 center to center 5 shots) out of any gun I own. 243winxb nailed it , I knew that I had the head space too tight from bolt closure giving a smidgen too much resistance, just been lazy about resetting it

I will keep that in mind though and if I have another issue drop back to around 21.5 grains and do a workup from there to see if I can find another sweet spot. For that matter I will give those cases and primers a real good exam when I go to the range this week. Don't have any here that have not been cleaned and resized.Started thinking about you post and while that is a heavy barrel gun it is also 26 inches long so I am probably pusking a K or 2 better than what you came up with. BTW I got that load from this page
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