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I have the 75BD, D-PCR, and a 92FS. I too personally favor the CZ's hands down to the Beretta. The reasons are that the CZ ergonomics, placement of the slide release and de-cockers, and even through much effort, I cannot come nearly as close to producing fast accurate (even long distance) shot groups with the Beretta as I can with the CZ's.

I've been a Beretta Armorer for 8 years or so now, and while their mechanics and simplistic approach in design is very good, they are at a terrible mercy of small part and spring quality. Granted, you don't see much in the way of spring and small part failure (for a department), and they have released a Generation III locking block kit- the quality and strength of replacement parts we have received are lacking compared to 5-6 years ago. If you do opt for the Beretta- I would highly advise you to consider Wolff (or anybody's) springs over Beretta's should you need replacements.
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