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When I started reloading for my .308 I used once fired brass from Hornady, Winchester, Federal, and PMC. I did not notice a significant difference between them.

Later on, as I became a more savvy reloader, I started grouping by manufacturer, and did see a little more consistency.

In the end though, when I started reloading for 1000 yard ranges, I jumped right into Lapua brass. I will never go back. There is a serious difference in quality with it. I have 300 pieces of it. THe oldest 100, are still as good to go as the day I got them. I probably have 12-15 loads through that brass. My other Lapua brass is less used, saved for matches, but I can run all three lapua brass to the same point of impact, within my margin of error. (translated flier)

Don't get me wrong, as long as you find something consistent and accurate, go with it. But I highly recommend Lapua when you start crafting your own.
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