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First off do not mix up the brass its all different by headstamp ( brand ).The inside will come out to be different by the ammount it will hold ( powder charge ).Plus the mix combo to make the brass will be different from brand to brand.Hint they all have their own idea to what makes the brass better.

Now second get a reloading book most say the ABC of reloading is the best,me I had two great guys to keep me straight,now I have the net.

Ok from what I have learned from the past few years is that Fed brass is a lot softer than the rest,now with that said its still reloadable but not so for HOT loads and to be able to get many loads on the brass.You like the 168gn FGMM loaded ammo,so I'd say dig up a copy load for that brass/load when time comes for you to load.Then you should get up to 5 or so loads on the brass,and if you have a lot of the Fed brass you should be able to shoot a lot.Annealing the necks will help out a lot but that needs time to be able to pick it up ( get good at it ) again the book or a fellow reloader to help will be nice or even this site.

Sorry to have gone the other way but thought you should hear it.Now to your question.Loaded ammo ( factory ) would be a choice for your gun.Again you said that the 168gn FGMM was a great load.I am going to say you already have a lot of it.Most here will say Lapua brass but you are only willing to spend $25.The second choice would be Winchester but they don't offer a Match load.Now Nolsler offers a match load in a 168gn and a 175gn bullet and most say the brass is OK/great to use.I myself have put Hornady to the test from brass I picked up at the range I shoot at.Nowing the gun it was shot from gave me an idea,so I put some to use.I have now fired the brass 5 times and annealed it ounce.So fare the brass has been great and I've got some really good groups with it to date ( 1/2" 5 shot at 200 with a 175gn SMK ) So Hornady might be a choice for ya.I've loaded and used Remington at first but think their match ammo isn't all that great,but with reloading the brass it can offer a good load more say to hunting loads.The next Brand would be LC military brass but for me I stay away from it because it has crimped in primers,and this adds another step or two the reloading of the brass.Plus most found if bought would have been shot from a auto not a bolt gun,so resizeing can be a butt.

my top two would be Fed ( you have it and alot of it ) or Hornady ( the brass not the steel ) just thought of something some of the Hornady has crimped primers I think the Superformance does ( 175gn bullet ) but with it being shot in a bolt gun its not that big of a deal to reload other than the removeing of the primes and cutting away of the crimp with a deburring tool.If the Nosler isn't to bad on the buy I'd give it a try but cannot say for I haven't bought ammo in years.
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