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Aguila Blanca

Oh, yes. This ... in spades. PTSD is the "hot" topic these days, as a sadly predictable result of sending too few troops on too many long deployments in places where you can't even trust the people inside the wire. The VA gets extra credit for "helping" veterans deal with PTSD, so they are only to happy to diagnose a hangnail as PTSD if ya let 'em. It makes their numbers look more like they're doing something ...
Aguila Blanca is right,

I do some work with "Wounded Warriors", I let a few of the guys ride some of my horses for relaxation therapy. I've had the VA come to the farm and ask me questions about some of them, if I thought they had PTSD.

#1 I'm not a shrink
#2 none of there business

They were kindly asked to leave my farm.

EDIT: The VA was asked to leave, not the WW guys.
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