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Originally Posted by Pfletch83
This is what I find rather funny about the whole situtaion,the person that has given me the most guff about my choice in gauge of shotgun and ammo load out….MISSED
Don't go jumping to erroneous conclusions. He said neither perp was hit, he didn't say he missed. Dropping the hammer on someone is VERY serious business. I was at only one shotgun killing and I don't want a repeat performance.

Generally, I would recommend a .410-bore shotgun for home defense only if your other choices were a rock or a stick. Of course, there will always be someone who, for one reason or another, can't manage anything larger than a .410-bore.

I find it curious that in your OP you recommended a .410-bore, then a few posts later you said: "I would actually like to try a 28 gauge with the same setup." How can you recommend the .410-bore if you haven't even tried a 28-ga gun? You've reached your conclusion without gathering all your data. If you give the 28-ga a try and feel it's far superior to the .410-bore (based upon your criteria), then this whole discussion becomes moot. I've shot many thousands of .410-bore and 28-ga shells, and would select neither for HD, YMMV. FYI, in past postings I've mentioned a common opinion held by experienced shooters: A 28-ga kicks like a .410-bore and hits like a 20-ga.

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