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Wow, I did not expect the amount of glowing reviews that I see here. Seems like there is a chance to have problems with any given gun, but after getting the bugs worked out, they run like a champ!

BTW, the only time I heard the 'sproing' sound when dry firing was after the range session, before I sent it back.
This concerns me. Has anyone else heard the 'sproing'?

Oh I also stippled the grip with a wood burning kit
I put a strip of hockey tape on the back of the grip to cushion it a bit
Interesting. Seems a few of yall have made some mods to make it more 'hold onable'. Is it harder to hold onto than a bodygaurd or P3AT?

Is $200 a decent deal for a new TCP, or should I spend the extra $80 for tu-tone with the extra mag?

Someone I know is lobbying hard for the seecamp .32....but that's another can of worms, and based on this thread, I think i'll get a TCP, so please don't drift the thread.
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