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By calling the same area more than 2x a winter, do you mean that half-mile radius, or are you talking major relocations?
We try to avoid calling the same coyotes more than twice a winter, so we mean not using the same coyotes' territory too often. That can mean several miles away, since females can have several square miles as a home, and males may have larger territories.

We do have the luxury of a very large area in which we are free to hunt. That makes it easier to be more of a coyote killer rather than a coyote teacher.

We will hit an area we know holds coyotes and hunt it hard for a full day with several set ups, and then go away for a couple of months unless a farmer has specifically asked us to deal with animals in his area. Then we will vary our calls, our set ups, use different times of day, bait, different decoys, anything we can think of to make our tricks seem "new" until we are sure we have the animals, or until they are onto us and won't respond any more.

But we believe it is pretty much a waste of time to call coyotes that know you are trying to call them.
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