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On a side note should I keep all my brass separated by manufacturer . Does it mater if I mix and match them as long as the all weigh the same ?
If you are shooting for accuracy, yes... and even by lot number, as there can be variations in weight, wall thickness, case capacity, primer pocket dimensions and flash hole uniformity from lot to lot.

I understand why hounddawg bailed out on this one.

If you can get Fed 308M regularly, that's the best you're going to get in the price range you're talking about. Price no object, then we're talking Lapua and Norma... both quite a bit more costly than Fed 308M.

Consider this. I don't know what gun you have, but it's accuracy potential may not justify the superb quality of Lapua or Norma brass. If you had a match grade rifle with a premium barrel, then certainly... but if you have a $400 rifle and a $200 scope then it's entirely possible that the Fed match brass is the best you'll ever need.

After you've handloaded your .308 for awhile and think there might be a bit more accuracy left in the rifle, and you've tried all the usual low buck handloaders tricks... buy 20 or so pieces of Lapua brass. If it doesn't shoot any better, then maybe you need to step up to a better barrel and/or gun and/or scope and/or rests and/or etc etc etc.
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