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Starting a gun shop?


Hi guys,

I'm 25 years old, ex-military, and having a very hard time finding employment. So I started kicking around the idea of opening a gun shop. That's in the future, but for now I was thinking of starting a website selling firearms accessories, getting my FFL, and then selling firearms off the site. Once I get enough business I'd open the shop. Any suggestions? All are appreciated.
You need enough money to allow you to buy at distributor prices so you can sell your wares at close to dealer cost, other wise I don't believe you will be able to compete with the big box stores or some of the internet sellers that's already out there.

Or you can specialize and get a license to sell full auto weapons that way you will not be competing with the big box stores.
Again you will need some serious money to get started.

Or you can become a gunsmith and offer services the big box stores don't seem to offer.
This will be the least expensive thing for you to do, but still won't be cheap.

By the way thank you for your service to our country.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter

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