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Which pistol (Volquartsen) & which sight?

I am planning to buy a Volquartsen Pistol. Right now, I remain undecided between the lightweight and the scorpion. I have attached photos of both. I am not particular about looks but I am about weight because my wife will also be shooting the gun and she likes them light. I would get the scorpion with the optional compensator.

I am wondering if one will be more accurate over the other if I am to shoot silouhettes?

Any opinions? Any owners of both?

Now as to sights. I am thinking about the C-More Serendipity or the Leupold Delta Point. I would choose a 3.5 MOA dot on either one. I am hearing great things about the Leupold but I would like to hear more from the readership here.

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

The lightweight

and the scorpion
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