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Thank you all

for the responses. I've been reloading for about a year and have recently began loading .45ACP. I'm MUCH slower with rounds for the semi-auto as my Kimbers are a little finicky extracting if the OAL is off. 30-40 per hour is about as fast as i go, and I'm not moving fast at all. This rate is with prepped and primed cases. I use a dipper and my scale to "acurrize" the dipper for the first few loads, then just the dipper. I use a caliper at each stage until the dies are set, then just pull the handle. I'm not tying to be fast and have no room for a progressive. Just wanted to be sure i wasn't too far out of line. I really enjoy reloading, a little music, puppy at my feet and time flies by! Thanks again for all the help, Rob
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