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Actually, the statement that these rules "are always used" is not quite correct.

That is a paraphrased version of The Cooper Four, and they are not taught in NRA classes. The NRA has a slightly different, separate set of three basic safety rules.

There is no "tactical" reason to use either set of rules, because they are safety rules, not tactical rules.

What I meant about training (I'm a civilian instructor) is that I haven't figure out how to motivate students to join a range, any range, buy a weapon, any weapon, and then buy the ammo and come back to the range twice a week and drill on basics for a year or so.

On a side tangent, if I were a new shooter, I'm not sure I'd decide on NRA classes if I had the chance to make an informed decision.

A two day marathon that includes a segment on "why we own guns" is not only not necessary to take that first trip to the firing line, it also puts a bunch of crap in a student's head and forces them to decide which pieces of information they should be thinking about when they pick up the weapon for the first time.

Not to mention that I try to teach apolitical classes-- I'm not interested in their politics, and I'm sure they're not interested in mine. Using an Intro class as a bully pulpit for a political agenda sours me agains the NRA.
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