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Going to CANADA


Soooo.. I have a TX CHL and am planning to go to Canada around Christmas, and will be camping up in the mountains for the holidays. My fiance has family up there, they have a cabin, and we're going to fly up there.

BUT... hey.. i'm a texas boy.. I'm not used to wolves, mountain lions, bears, and bigfoot..

So, i'd really like to take my pocket gun and a few clips.

WE ARE FLYING, and... obviously leaving the country.

How do i go about this LEGALLY?

and IT IS NOT AN OPTION to mail it to myself. and even if i did, i'd worry about it getting stuck in customs and risk having post office people freaking out about the fact that there's a weapon going through the mail from an individual to myself instead of from an FFL to a. whatever Canada has...

Has anyone gone through this RECENTLY ? and can anyone provide advice?

I'm not even sure which airline i'm using yet, so i cant "call them and see what they say"

and look.. i don't really look forward to the prospect of getting a full body search in the middle of the airport, and being pulled into security to be questioned as to why i have a firearm and why i'm taking it into CANADA..

as far as i know you CAN travel with guns, but for some reason, if you have bottled water or... heaven forbid a nail file, you get deep cavity searched.




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