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<EDITED from the detailed version I typed first to avoid arguing and fight starting>

So I'll go with this and less detail

Just bad to me personally

I'm not a bow hunter, I have bows....both traditional and a Hoyt Hypertec. While I target shoot with them fairly regular, I have...and always will be a gun guy. Gun people and Bow people seem to be like chevy vs. ford and coke vs. pepsi. There are a select few in the middle that like both equally (the Dodge, RC cola guys)

I have one of the ones that gave me (and anyone else they talk to about it...) the bad opinion that lives on the other side of know the one, with the team real tree and mathews stickers all over the jacked up ranger and wrangler, all talk and no game...and have never had venison, let alone ever got their own deer. And openly talk about how it doesn't matter how or where you hit the long as you get a hit and draw blood. A run down the wal-mart sporting goods isle with a 3D in the back yard and a camo shirt, doesn't make you a hunter...a LOT of people think it does.

Archery is not very forgiving. It takes more practice, skill and "Good Shot" sense, and a much longer learning curve than firearms I believe...most people don't have it in them. Not counting the guys that were born with a bow in hand...talking about the joe blow that picked it up, shot 10 arrows and think they are ready for opening day

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