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Well, Both of mine will be project guns. One will be a dedicated deer rifle and the other will be use for bench and coyote hunting... I will say that I own a Savage in 22 mag and it was a really hard decision going with the Remingtons. But I did a lot of research and knew what I was getting into. If you want an out of a box shooter, go with the Savage.

I have not shot them and probably won't be for a while. I still need to get bases for the scopes and rings.

The 308 is probably going to wear a Bobby Hart thumbhole laminate stock and the 223 will be getting a B&C M40 stock.

But that could change later tonight... LOL...

As far as which version SPS to get you need to look at what bullet you are going to be shooting... The twists change for the .223 when you look at the tactical vs. the varmint.
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