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Have you shot these yet? How are you liking them?

I've been a handgun and semi auto rifle guy for a while now, but I'm becoming increasingly interested in picking up a good bolt action like a Remington 700.

I'm not looking to make mile long shots... but up to several hundred yards.

I've been looking at and debating between the 700's and a few of the Savage guns. I've pretty much decided that I'd like to go with a 700 SPS in .308... It's an okay base gun to start with, and can be upgraded easily to a better stock later down the road.

I was originally looking at the tactical like you have here, but I'm also looking at the regular 700SPS and the 700 SPS Varmint with the longer bull barrel.

Primarily, this will be used for target practice at long range. I *MAY* go hunting at some point... but no real plans for that, yet... If I were to hunt, it would probably be Elk.

Anyone want to weight in on the sps vs sps tac vs sps varmint??? I've been reading a lot reviews... but I just can't really decide what would be the best option for me.... open to suggestions. Cheers.
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