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The original question...

How many in here prefer the pellets (WhiteHots) over powder for hunting?
When I first saw WhiteHots, I HAD to try them. Saw no significant advantage in using them over T7 pellets. Didn't clean up easier, shoot hotter, etc. Went back to T7. This year I went to the T7 Magnum Pellets as they are 60 grainers rather than 50. Don't use 150 grains as a 28 inch barrel, won't BURN that much powder anyway. The combo of 120gr. of T7 pellets, Barnes 250gr. TMZ through a T/C Triumph is magic. That combo works in MY GUN.

I also religiously swab the bore with 2 or 3 wet patches followed by a few dry patches at the range or in the field. NO MATTER WHAT! I want EVERY shot to be the same... consistent. I carry my T/C wet patches in a Skoal can in my pocket (to keep them warm) They fit perfect and WILL freeze up here in late season MI temperatures!

I LOVE the Barnes sabots. Deadly, match grade ammo, and no fragmentation. They do load a bit tight in the Triumph. I don't mind that and prefer it. Using a Nikon 3-9 Omega scope on it. All the aforementioned is a PERFECT whack machine and have taken several deer with it at 250 + yds. Never have missed but if I did have it happen, it was because I did something wrong.

Go get 'em!
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