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It is all about the operator....and safety ....and the procedures they follow...

But today's progressive presses can easily crank out a lot of rounds ...once they're all set up ....and you're not sacrificing any quality in the process! In fact, if you're using a powder check or a powder cop die, you're adding an extra safety factor into the mix ...and still getting the speed you want to make your reloading a little more convenient.

Today's progressives are easily capable of speed...with incredible accuracy and consistency...if they are used correctly ( but then that applies to any press ). There is nothing wrong with a single stage - if that's what guys prefer...but there is nothing wrong with a good progressive press either.

In fact, I can make the argument - that a single stage has a bigger potential for a mistake..just because its so repetitive ---- and an auto indexing progressive is safer - because there are less steps for "human hands" to mess it up. But they're both dangerous if the operator is sloppy ...
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