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I've got the Blackhawk 357/9mm convertible with a 6.5" barrel and it is a great gun. I got it to go with my 45 Blackhawk convertible. To be honest I never shot the 9mm cylinder until I bought a 9mm pistol, and then only to chronograph my 9mm handloads. Shooting 357 is where it's at with this revolver and that's what I use it for, so if you can't find a convertible it's not a huge loss. Unless that's what you really want, then you should keep looking or order one and get on a waiting list. No sense spending good money on something second best for you. I like the adjustable sights on the Blackhawk better than any fixed sight gun. If I were going with a fixed sight model I'd go with a Ruger Vaquero, not an Italian SAA clone. The Cimarron may be a prettier gun but the Blackhawk built on the large frame is about as strong as a 357 Magnum can get. The flattop Blackhawk and New Vaqueros are built on a smaller frame but are still more durable than any SAA clone.
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