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Yep, tobnpr, I do think that FL sizing Bushing Die must be the way to go. I've been shooting, loading, and rifle cleaning now for 2 days, and though I don't have my final thoughts on what sizing method is best, I'm getting some definite feelings about it. Rather than use that Sierra 69 gr HPBT, I just decided that it would be quicker and probably more valuable to me to use the two bullets that I actually use and that already shoot great in the rifle. That's the Sierra 65 gr GK and the Nosler 40 gr Ballistic Tip. The Sierras are still waiting to be shot, and I'll do that maybe Wednesday. The 40 grainers have been shot, but not yet to the degree that I have planned. What I think I see developing is that the best shooting is with the FL sized cases. Second best is a tough call between neck sized cases and partial sized cases. I believe that what we've been hearing from BartB and others must be correct, in that the necks must be getting pulled a bit off line with the neck sizing and partial resizing. And partial resizing with a 223 case does cause the shoulder to be pushed forward, so you're crushing the case into the chamber. That isn't an issue with tapered cases, but it is an issue with 223 cases and others with less taper.

So the early and unofficial bottom line is that I expect (though I haven't gotten my new Redding die yet) is that a FL sized case with the bushing method of sizing the neck ought to be the way to best accuracy. We'll see. And I suppose that Lee die should work quite well also.

And I love that Timney trigger.
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