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Best factory 308 brass to reload for the money

Let me start by saying I do not reload as of yet . I do keep all my brass after shooting and I reliezed I have a lot of different brass from many manufacturers . What I would like to do is start buying only ammo with the best brass for the price . That way when I start reloading all my brass will be quality brass . My round of choice is 168 gr Fed gold metal match . I buy when its on sale for around $20 a box . Im looking to spend no more then $25 a box . What I need from you guys is a few manufacurers that have quality brass in that price range ? I then can buy some of each and find what my guns like the best .

On a side note should I keep all my brass separated by manufacurer . Does it mater if I mix and match them as long as the all wiegh the same ?
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