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I've loaded plated bullets in 45 Colt, 45 Auto, 357 Mag and 9mm for years, mostly Xtremes since back when they were called West Coast bullets. They advertise their bullets as having thicker plating than other's and they are double struck to assure quality and consistency. I can't say for sure if their claims are true but I have gotten excellent results with them. Your .452" bullets are for 45 Auto but they can be made to work in 45 Colt cases. I would taper crimp them with a 45 Auto die. In 45 Colt I've always used Xtreme's 255gr flat point which is made for 45 Colt. Out of my Blackhawk if they are pushed too hard accuracy goes to hell but if I keep them below 1000fps they are one of the most accurate bullets I've shot in any cartridge. My pet load right now consists of a heavy charge of Universal, about half a grain over what Hodgdon calls for with the 250gr XTP in an SAA. Brian Pierce in a recent article in Handloader said this much Universal behind the same weight lead bullets is perfectly fine for a Blackhawk or 45 Colt rifle, and that's where my SDs came down and the accuracy is outstanding. A little stout maybe for an SAA but still under 1000fps from my 5.5" Blackhawk. I use a Lee FCD to put a light roll crimp on them, 1/2 a turn only, and it works great and doesn't bother the plating a bit. If I were you I'd load up and shoot the bullets you've got and then switch to a heavier bullet intended for 45 Colt. Or shoot them in a 45 Auto if you've got one and start over with 45 Colt bullets.
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