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"LE is a little different. What department?"

Lewistown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, US Capitol Police, US Park Police, FBI, Fairfax County Police, Virginia, and there may be a couple of others.

I'm not saying that no one would ever need a reload (Los Angeles bank robbery shootout) but I am saying that it's a rare to exceptional circumstance where a reload might be needed.

The whole deal about the transition from revolvers to wonder9s that started in the 1970s and gathered steam in the 1980s hinged on a couple of VERY heavily publicized cases that both the media and the gun rags latched onto like lion on a zebra.

Those few instances were fanned into an absolute feeding frenzy in which it was portrayed that hundreds, if not thousands, of cops every year were being slaughtered like cows in Chicago, hacked to bits by criminals toting guns that fired a never ending stream of cop killer bullets...

That's when all of the magazine capacity bans started being tossed about, and all of the police forces in the United States sucked in a collective wind and rushed out to toss out their revolvers and rearm with the latest and greatest multi-shot geewhizwonderbang.

Oh, and I'm not 100% certain, but I think your figure of 1 to 3 shots per encounter? I think that applies to police shootings, too.

And, the very truth of it is, the vast majority of police officers never draw their guns in anger during their entire career.

A good friend of mine has been a federal officer for 27 years and has never drawn his gun on duty other than at the range.
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