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As a practical matter, if there is no, or too little, retention, it is possible for the gun to jump out of the holster when the carrier has to run, jump, crawl, take cover, or otherwise engage in activity that could cause the gun to come loose from the holster. I know that some people will say that the gun should always be in the hand at any sign of trouble of any kind, but in most situations outside "cowboy country" that is not practical and could be trouble.
How frequently do gun owners in general have to run, jump, crawl, take cover, etc.? At my age, I cannot do any of those things, and when I was younger, I did not do those things. Remember now, I have conceded that a police officer may need to do those things and do them frequently.
As a civilian shooter, Concealed Carry permit holder, have you ever had to actually do those things? Bernard Getts did not do all those things, he just pulled and started shooting...the perps did some of those things though.
Do gun owners do those things often enough to worry about retention? Which brings us back to the central question. Is it actual need, or perceived need?
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