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Mossberg 190DA Bolt Takedown Help

Hello, this is my first post here. I move to PA and learned that you can't hunt deer with an autoloader. So I put the 1100 back in the cabinet and brought out an old mossberg 190DA that I only shot a couple of times. It was my dad's and is a bolt action 16 gauge with a 2 shell clip that I can almost call cute (almost). I have a few questions about it but the most important is this:

How on earth do you take the bolt apart?

I have found that i can rotate the two bodies relative to one another, and that I can manually pull back and rotate the firing pin assembly. I have tried many combinations of these actions and nothing has resulted in the parts separating. I see no pins and no screws. I looked everywhere for solid information and haven't found any.

If anyone has a 185 or perhaps a 193/195 (?) they are supposed to be very similar. Thanks ahead of time.
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