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I have Hornady's electronic scale and it works really well if you understand how electronic scales work.
You can not use it for anything under 1.0 gr. If you load bullseye in 32 s&w long or short you are out of luck. starting load is one grain of bullseye.
The scales are just not calibrated to go to that low of an extreeme. The same applies to the high end of what the scale will do.
In the range where the scale is calibrated for, usually above 1-2 grains, they are very accurate.

The Hornady that I have is dead on until the air conditioner comes on, then I have to wait , their that sensitive.
As long as you realize what your dealing with you will be fine with an electonic scale, but you need a beam scale to back it up for double checking the calibration when setting up a powder measure. If both my beam and elect match, I know I'm good to go. Then I use the elect scale for the rest of the run. It is about 4 times faster than a beam scale.
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