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I think it depends on the quality and fit of the the gun.

All of the holsters I use, are Kramer leather, IWB or scabbard....and they are all molded to specifically fit one model ( like a K frame S&W revolver, or a 1911, or a Sig 226 ....etc...) ....

so no, I don't see a need for a strap or any kind of retention system - beyond the design of a good holster. I have Kramer holsters for each of the guns that I casually compete with, use for tactical shooting, that I carry, etc.....and I've never had an issue ( in and out of cars, hiking, hunting, etc..)...

But if you're talking "generic" holsters...then I think its a different issue / where a gun could easily become dislodged / because it was never in the holster properly to start with.
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