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Wow, I am surprised by the number of ex-Pachmayr users. When the Pachmyers were first introduced they were much better than the stock S&W grips. (which is not saying much) My experience is that the Hogue with finger grooves either fits your hand or it doesn't. If it fits it will force you to have the same grip on the gun every time you draw it. This is a very good thing for accurate shooting. Guy Hogue figured this out when he shot competition and developed the original Monogrip. Consistency is very important for repeatable accurate shooting. If the Hogue doesn't fit your hand then you'll just have to keep looking. Some of the Hogues are available without grooves if that helps. They also are available in soft rubber, hard nylon or wood. When I shot revolvers in competition I tried eveything I could find and always went back to the Hogue Monogrip. It may not be as pretty as other grips but it just flat works.
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