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So, from your post, I have garnered the following information: (1) You absolutely need a retention system when engaged in some handgun competitions.
(2)You absolutely need a retention system when engaged in riding motorcycles.
One and two seem like legitimate points. But number three ("...but even in everyday life "stuff happens"..."), needs clarification. That is too much like wanting a hammer spur because of some unexplained and mystical "long, precise shot". Please give me an example of an everyday event that would make a retention system mandatory. Please consider that there are many IWB holsters where the dress belt pulls the gun into person's body and holds it quite firmly. Also, some holsters seem to hold some guns very secure by virtue of how far the gun's mass is down inside the pocket of the holster, tight fitting holster etc.
Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to get you to point out somethings that might have never occurred to me, like riding a motorcycle while CC (Even if a person were to be killed in a motorcycle accident, one would not want his gun to fly down the street a 60 mph where some kid could snatch it up before the cops found it.).
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