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Circuit Judge Conversion right here!

WOW! My first post might be a doozie!

Check this out (I think I am not yet able to post pix):
Deer with Circuit Judge Conversion from 30 yds.
That's just last week.

Am I to understand that if this 26-1/8" modified hunting revolver were less than 26", that it would be illegal? For what reason? I would hardly consider it concealable. At least, not as concealable as a Judge. It's not particularly powerful. It only holds 5 shots. It's not automatic. The rifled barrel is 18-1/2" long.
It's a pretty slow draw...

Someone please help me out before I end up in prison.

btw - it shoots at least as well as I do - which is well enough.


PS - I did have to drill one small hole in the frame to make this conversion.

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