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Holsters absolutely need retention. You can use a strap or you can mold the holster tightly to the gun and use a tension screw. Years ago in USPSA/IPSA matches we were required to use a holster that would retain the gun when you jumped over a string (I don't remember the exact height, about a foot and a half) and your gun had to remain in the holster. For street use I want a holster with more retention than that. You should be able to survive a pretty hard fall and retain your gun. I have taken a couple of good falls (one of them off of a moving motorcycle) that I was sure would send my gun sliding across the pavement but it stayed in the holster. It's one of those things you only need when you REALLY need it. I will gladly accept a slight amount of drag on the draw to keep it where I put it. I understand you're not talking about wrestling and scuffling but even in everyday life "stuff happens". In a match range environment I use an old Ernie Hill Fastrac (if you remember those). Guys would crank them down tight for the jump test and then back off the screw right before the match. For carry guns I use revolvers and I like either a tightly molded leather rig (IWB) with or without a strap.

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