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I can't tell much from the photos but from the wear pattern looks more like a baking laquer applied over Nickel or Chrome plating.

The father of a close friend once owned an SS or Gestapo officers ceremonial pistol belt with holstered PP or PPK pistol and sheathed ceremonial short sword designed to resemble the Mauser bayonet.
After the belt and pistol were stolen by a burglar he brought the short sword (dagger?) to me to sell for him.
The piece was apparently legit ,with trademark of the company that made most of these, nickeled or chromed blade with stag horn grips and inlaid Wermacht eagle. The heavy pommel was in the shape of an eagles head.
The company was Alexander Coppel and trademark was scales of justice, which is ironic for NAZI regalia.

So apparently some ceremonial NAZI sidearms were plated.

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