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Do holsters absolutely need retention straps?

I have been making a lot of holsters (leather-no Kydex), lately and a post I read hear recently got me to thinking. I noticed that my shooting, fast-draw, bowling pins, (home range), and when I hunted did not seem to require any kind of retention system. As a mater of fact, in my lifetime (69) and counting, there was never an apparent scenario where one was needed. I have always liked thumb snap holsters being most innocuous, but have to admit that even they seem (to me anyway), a solution to a non-existent problem. No fall I took would have resulted in a gun becoming unsheathed on its own.
Even in concealed carry, I cannot construct a realistic scenario in my head where a retention strap would not be useless if not more or a hindrance than a help.
How about the rest of you. Think about it for a minute and tell me why, or why not they are needed. Please no, "I just like them." Give me your logical rational for or against.
Civilian carry-use only please, cops likely have all kinds of examples and reasons for retention snaps/straps.
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