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not a whole lot of 444 Marlin bolt guns ( though my buddy built one, I bet I could talk him out of ??? ) I'd love to have a BMG... but honestly where I live, there probably are people who own them in the county, but IMO, there is no safe place to shoot one around here... certainly not on my 300 yard range

got room for one more bolt action... ( I don't need to fill that spot right away ) just giving some thought to that one more, for down the road...

I probably have a milsurp 8mm that may already be sporterized to the point that it belongs in this section ??? but I think it's a BRNO, so it will go on another wall with the Czech guns

right now calibers represented are...

17 Mach 2
17 Fireball
22 Hornet ( fast twist )
7 X 57
338 Win Mag
375 H&H
.416 Rigby
53 caliber ( 53 is based on 28 ga. brass shells... certainly not as powerful as the other big bores, but still fun to shoot )

hmmm... maybe a 458 Win Mag would be the best fit ???
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