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Veterans’ Gun Rights

Currently if a disabled Veteran is deemed incompetent to the point that someone else must manage their affairs the VA enters their name into the criminal background database and the person is prohibited from buying a firearm. Some Senators lead by Tom Coburn want to end this automatic process while others like Charles Schumer want it to continue.

I have attached a link to the article and I realize many of you may know much more about this subject than I do or than is included in the article.

While there may be other points I noted two main issues:

1) Should a person who cannot handle their own affairs automatically be barred from buying a firearm? There has been a lot of discussion about keeping firearms away from those who have legitimate mental or emotional issues, but is this the right way to do it?

2) If the VA suspects the person should not own a firearm should the person in question be granted some type of hearing before they lose a Constitutional right?
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