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Only on an enthusiast's board would we be debating one’s mindset while one is relaxing at home watching TV.

First, weren’t Cooper’s Colors meant for on-duty? Second, I know of zero people (and I would not want to know them or hang around them) who are in condition yellow at home while doing something mundane, such as, making dinner, watching TV, or reading a book.

Just because someone wears a gun at home doesn’t automatically mean they are in condition yellow. Sure, one can argue the “you got a gun on you, you need to be responsible…etc…”, however, it is a holstered gun. As long as the handler is not doing stupid things, the gun isn’t going to jump out of its holster and fire on its own. If someone jumps through my window ninja-style wanting to do me harm while I’m watching TV, gun or no gun on my hip, I’m probably in big trouble. Now, with that said, what is to prevent someone from escalating their color conditions in split seconds?
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