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In my case my sons and I did it backwards. They gave me an air rifle as a Fathers Day gift years ago which I really enjoyed shooting. Then, due to circumstances we were estranged for eleven years. About the time we reunited 2-1/2 years ago I saw an ad in a national publication from Henry Repeating Arms Company and got interested in their lever-action .22 rifle which I subsequently bought. As it turned out both my sons are avid shooters and gun collectors, one of them is in law-enforcement, and I caught the shooting "bug" from them. These days shooting and running drills is our main father-son bonding and socializing activity. Since our homes are two hours apart we have "range days" in which we meet at the range to practice and play with our various firearms then go out for a hearty restaurant meal afterwards. So, my sons got me all fired up about firearms and I'm a relative late bloomer.

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