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Nanuk, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
I think it is a well written article that states the authors opinion well. I agree with most of what he says, especially the part about the unpredictability of bullets in people and what their reactions can be. He makes a great point in marksmanship and I agree wholeheartedly, it is far more important to be a master of your weapon than to use the latest wiz bang wonder bullet.

Case in point; in my post retirement part time job one of the young guys wants to buy a 10mm as his first duty gun because it is so much more effective than the 9mm or 45 (his words). He has never fired a handgun before, so needless to say I am attempting to get logic to overrule emotion.

Shot placement is always the most important aspect, in real life it is also the most elusive aspect because the BG does not want to get shot either. To safely deliver that shot you will probably be diving/running for cover in the dark or semi dark and may have already been shot or shot at.
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